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Balloon & Tassel Kit Assembly Instructions

Misplaced your instruction sheet? Don't stress. Here is a spare copy:


  1. Open the kit. It should contain the tassels, twine, twister tool and instructions.
  2. Carefully separate 1 sheet from the others and lay sheet flat on a clean, dry surface.
  3. Starting at the bottom, fold the bottom edge into the centre crease, repeat with top edge. Once tassel is folded into quarters, starting at the bottom edge, roll the tassel away from you. The tassels may be stuck together at the bottom. This is done on purpose to help prevent tassels tangling as you roll.
  4. Find the middle and fold the tassel in half. Insert the twister tool at the top of the tassel stem where you folded the tassel in half. Grip the bottom of the tassel stem and twist in a clockwise direction. Secure with a piece of tape the bottom of the tassel. Remove the twister tool to create the twine eyelet. OPTIONAL: To make tassels look more uniform, take one tassel strand and wrap counter clockwise up stem of the tassel and secure with a piece of tape.
  5. Separate tassels that may be stuck together by gently pulling or cutting with scissors.
  6. Repeat these steps for each piece in the kit. Thread the twine through the eyelet of each tassel. That’s it!

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  1. Open the kit. It should contain 30 x 11” balloons, 15 x 5” balloons, balloon decorating strip, adhesive glue dots and instructions.
  2. Inflate all balloons and tie securely.
  3. Pinch the lip of the first balloon and feed the entire lip through one hole. Ensure there is extra length of decorating strip on the end for fastening the garland once completed.
  4. Continue adding balloons to the balloon strip spacing the balloons out to achieve the desired look. We suggest using either every hole, or every second hole if the balloons start to get too tight.
  5. Once all balloons are attached use balloon glue dots to position 5" balloons within the garland as required (these glue dots will not support the garland attached to the wall).
  6. Use removable hooks or fishing wire to attach your garland to the wall.

For more information regarding confetti balloons visit our Getting the Most from Your Confetti Balloons blog post. For a more in-depth description on putting together this Balloon Garland check out our DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial blog post.