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Getting the Most from Your Confetti Balloons


Party Confetti Balloons

We love confetti balloons at Let's Party, but for those who have never decorated with them they can be intimidating. We often receive messages from customers asking how to make confetti stick to the sides of the balloons or asking why their balloons appear misty, even after inflating. I have some great tips to share with you to help you get the most from your confetti balloons.

How to make confetti stick to the sides of the balloon:

When using confetti balloons, the confetti can pool at the bottom of the balloon which looks great but sometimes isn’t the effect some people want. This happens for a number of reasons relating to temperature, humidity etc.

To make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon you will need to create some static energy within the balloon by rubbing the balloon gently with an item of clothing or hair. We find hair or a microfibre towel works the best for achieving this. Rotate the balloon so the confetti pools in the area you want the confetti to stick. Continue rubbing the balloon where the confetti is pooling as you move the balloon around, dispersing the confetti.

Making confetti stick to sides of balloons

If you are using helium to fill the balloons the confetti will pool at the bottom and it can be harder to make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon. In this case it can help to use with a mixture of air and helium. Add a couple of puffs of air to the balloon before adding helium. But be cautious, if you add too much air, then the balloon will not float so make sure to get the balance just right.


How to make confetti balloons clear:

When deflated, clear latex balloons are creamy coloured. If the balloon is still misty when inflated this means there isn’t enough air or helium in the balloon. When inflated to the correct size they will become transparent. But be careful not to add too much air or helium as the balloon can pop.


Helium and confetti balloons:

If your helium confetti balloons aren't floating then there most likely isn't enough helium inside. Ensure you have inflated the balloons to the correct size (use a measuring tape or make a template to check). If you have added a puff of air before to help the confetti stick, you may have added too much. In this case release some air and refill with helium.

Confetti balloons won't float as long as regular balloons due to the added weight of the confetti. If you find the balloon is too heavy try removing some of the confetti pieces from inside. Ensure that you fill the balloons as close to the event time as possible to ensure they last the whole event.

Making confetti stick to sides of balloons


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