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DIY Marble Balloons

DIY Marble Balloons

These marble balloons are easy to make and look very effective. Let's Party! does stock printed Marble Balloons but this DIY is perfect if you can't find the exact colour you want. I suggest using 2 or 3 colours for this DIY, any more than that and the colours begin to look murky. 

To make these DIY marble balloons you will need:

  • Good quality latex balloons
  • Ribbon/String
  • Nail polish (I got the cheap stuff and it worked great!)
  • Skewers/toothpick
  • A large bowl of water

DIY Marble Balloons

1. Prep the balloon

Blow up a white balloon and tie a piece of ribbon around the stem securely (this makes it a lot easier than doing it when you have a wet balloon).

2. Create your pattern

Pour drops of nail polish into the water and leave to spread out. Take another colour and repeat the same process. Then use a skewer to slowly mix the colours. The more you mix the polish the greater the marble pattern.  Complete this process as quickly as possible to prevent large clumps of nail polish hardening.

DIY Marble Balloons

3. Dip your balloon

Dip your balloon into the bowl and cover as much of the balloon as possible. Repeat this process until the whole balloon is covered. Add more nail polish if required.

DIY Marble Balloons

4. Dry the balloon

Attach the balloon by the ribbon somewhere to dry. 

There are endless colour options you can choose. Just get creative!

DIY Marble Balloons

Make sure you take heaps of photos and tag @letspartynz on Instagram. We would love to see your creations.

DIY Marble Balloons


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