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DIY Giant Champagne Pinata

DIY Pink Champagne/Wine Bottle Pinata

Pinatas are a great activity at any party, no matter the age. They get people involved and create a lot of laughs. The pinata has traditionally been for a younger party, but this DIY shows you how to make an adult version - a Giant Pink Champagne Bottle ready to be popped!. You can use this technique to make any shape that you want. 

 To make this DIY champagne pinata you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Streamers
  • White Paper
  • Sticky Tape
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Pen/Pencil
  • OPTIONAL: Glitter, Glue (Mod Podge or similar)

1. Create the shape using cardboard

The first step is cutting the cardboard to the right shape/size. Where possible, use full boxes to save yourself some time. For the body of the bottle, I used a large rectangle-shaped box which matched the shape of the bottle body perfectly. If you don't have any full boxes then cut the cardboard into the right size and tape together using sturdy tape.

To create the neck of the bottle, draw the shape on a piece of cardboard (I positioned the cardboard against the body box to make sure the cardboard would align flush). Trace the shape to create two pieces the same. Then attach these two pieces to the front and back of the rectangle box. Fill in the side gaps by cutting smaller pieces of cardboard and attach securely using strong sticky tape. 

Make sure you leave either to top or bottom open to add the filling and attach the string!

DIY Pink and Gold Champagne/wine/bubbly Pinata

2. Cover the pinata in white paper 

If the boxes you used have writing on them or are coloured, use white paper to cover the pinata so that it doesn't show through the tissue paper.

3. Make the streamer fringe

Make sure you use good quality streamers. Low-quality streamers are transparent and don't have the same colour payout as these high-quality streamers. Fold the streamers into multiple layers and then make cuts about 3/4 of the way up the streamer. Space out the cuts about 1cm. Gently unfold the streamers to form the fringe.

DIy Pink Champagne/wine bottle pinata

4. Attach the streamer fringe to the pinata

Starting at the bottom of the pinata in one corner, attach the fringe using sticky tape. Wrap the streamer fringe around the whole pinata covering the corners.

DIY Champagne/wine/bubbly pink pinata

5. Add the details

To create the 'Sip, Sip ROSE!' label print out the phrase on standard printer paper and trace onto cardboard. Cut out each letter individually. To add extra sparkle cover with glitter using Mod Podge.

DIY Giant PInk Champagne Pinata

To create the white front label, cut out a piece of cardboard to this size you want and cover in the white paper. Measure and draw a border around the outside and cover with glitter using Mod Podge.

Cut a tie out of white paper and wrap it around the neck of the pinata. Finish it off with the glitter circle and securely attach.

DIY Pink Champagne Pinata

6. Fill the pinata!

Fill the pinata with whatever you want - lollies, chocolate, toys! Don't forget to add confetti so when the pinata is hit, the confetti bursts out!  

10. Attach the string

Before you close the pinata, poke holes where you want the string to go so you can hang the pinata.



Make sure you take heaps of photos and tag @letspartynz on Instagram. We would love to see your creations!

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