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DIY Balloon Garland

White & Gold Balloon Garland

Balloon Garlands have been everywhere lately and it's not hard to see why. They are the ideal party decoration. They are easy to make, extremely versatile and instantly add glam to your event. We have made it even easier for you by creating these DIY Balloon Garland Kits. These contain everything you need to create these amazing works of art. Here is an in-depth look at how to create these amazing Balloon Garlands.

To make this DIY Balloon Garland you will need:

1. Open the kit.

It should contain 30 x 11” balloons, 15 x 5” balloons, a balloon decorating strip, adhesive glue dots and instructions. The confetti balloons will be pre-filled in your kit.

Balloon Garland Contents

2. Blow up all balloons

Start by inflating all balloons and tie securely. We strongly suggest using a balloon hand pump to do this. Blow the balloons up to different sizes to achieve a more interesting look with different dimensions.

3. Start threading the balloons

Decide on which hole you are going to put the first balloon through. Ensure there is extra length of decorating strip on each end for fastening the garland once completed. Pinch the lip of the first balloon and feed the entire lip through one hole.  Continue adding balloons to the balloon strip spacing the balloons out to achieve the desired look. We suggest using either every second hole or every third hole if the balloons start to get too tight.

Balloons on balloon Decorating strip

There are multiple ways to style this garland. You can add the 5" balloons once all the 11" balloons have been added using the balloon glue dots and any gaps in the decorating strip. Or you could place the 5" balloons at one end and gradually move down the decorating strip adding balloons smallest to biggest.

Balloon Garland/Arch

4. Attach the garland

Use removable hooks or fishing wire to attach your garland. If you don't have enough decorating strip left at the end to hang the garland then attach some twine or fishing line to increase the length. To create the corner arch simply attach some fishing line approximately 2 thirds down the garland and leave the remainder to drape down.

5. Stand back and admire your work

There are so many ways to style these balloon garlands. Hang it above a dessert table, create a balloon arch entrance or use as a showstopping background, the options are endless. These garlands will stay together for a few weeks after the event so don't take it down straight away - use them as a cute bedroom decoration!

Try adding flowers, foliage or tassels to take your garland to the next level. Make sure you take heaps of photos and tag @letspartynz on Instagram. We would love to see your creations.

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